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Group Show at David Krut Projects JHB

The Cat Show is a group exhibition featuring feline-inspired artwork from various artists, the exhibition offers a diverse collection of works, each responding to the theme of cats in a unique way - not only as artistic muse but as mystical and curious creatures, enigmatic and poised between the domestic world and their nocturnal realm.

In association with Kitty and Puppy Haven, David Krut Projects is running a campaign to accept the generous donations for the duration of the exhibition as a commitment to give back to our feline inspiration.

Featuring: Roger Ballen, Lynda Ballen, Natasha Brown, Katherine Bull, Fanie Buys, Elize de Beer, Lucie de Moyencourt, Bevan de Wet, Kaelik Dullart, Brett Eloff, Dan Feinberg, Richard Forbes, Heidi Fourie, Gordon Froud, Ivy Grobler, Sarah Hunkin, Mandie Immelman, Elrie Joubert, Roxy Kaczmarek, Andrew Kayser, William Kentridge, Banele Khosa, Britt Lawton, Kim-Lee Loggenberg, Maja Maljevic, Rhett Martyn, Colbert Mashile, Wayne Matthews, Bronwyn Millar, Martin Motha, Noma Ngwenya, Alison Shaw, Hannah Shone, Nathaniel Sheppard, Jonathan Silverman, Johan Louw Stegmann, Richardt Strydom, Nina Torr, Gabrielle Van Der Merwe, Lanita van Niekerk, Anja Venter, Diane Victor, Mary Wafer, Peter Wernberg, Zhi Zulu

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