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Searching For An Electric Peanut

Is it possible to be in the forest, and perceive it as a flat screen ? This is a metaphor for an aspect of contemporary living. Our lives are shaped by our connection to physical objects and our digital experiences. Beyond what we are consciously aware of, our interaction with the digital and virtual has a profound effect on our psyche. With its negative and positive implications, it is our inevitable reality.

The theme which ties the imagery in my current work together is of fragmented landscapes, lived through or collected, which allude to a longing for a more direct contact with nature. At times this is a romantic idea which may not be entirely genuine, but that also represents a deep and significant chasm in our being. Our idea of what nature is, as opposed to how we experience it, has discrepancies which I attempt to examine.

​Through the combination of time-based and hand-made artworks, my work has developed into creating spaces where the physicality of painting is interrogated by placing it in contrast with ephemeral and digital imagery. When successful, the addition of sound and video to painting in this series of works strives to emphasise a sensation of interconnectedness, questioning the transient nature of the image and our perception of physical and virtual reality, while directing the viewer's attention to the underlying mechanisms of painting.


July 5 - 27, 2018 - Priest Gallery Johannesburg


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