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Future Without N


recent paintings and works on paper

solo show - 'Future without N' -


@99loopgallery on 23 JAN - 22 FEB 2020 in Cape Town


"In Future without N Jonathan Silverman continues his exploration of the contemporary loss of a knowing of nature. A topic that is often dominated by a Western quantitative discourse relying on Numbers (n) to bemoan the destruction of Nature, is iterated in Silverman’s work as a holistic evocation of an inherently felt loss. In adopting a process of decolonizing the mind, Silverman forgoes the dominance of scientific categorizations, for the recognition that distinctions lead to extinction. The exhibition is comprised of two complementing bodies of work: meticulous charcoal drawings of what Silverman refers to as “speculative Kanji” and abstracted oil paintings of our non-verbal language of Nature. Inviting onlookers to explore their feelings as in encountering nature for the first time, allowing them to break down these abstractions in their own intimate pace." 






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