Salto in Altro / group show at Palazzo Monti, Brescia, Italy

Palazzo Monti is pleased to announce the opening of "Salto in Altro", which will be held on 4 December from 5 to 8 pm at Piazza Tebaldo Brusato 22, Brescia.

“Salto in Altro” was born from the desire to exhibit seven works of Modern and Contemporary Art, coming from private collections, to put them in dialogue with seven works produced between March and October 2021 by emerging artists during their residency at Palazzo Monti.

For Salto in Altro, Jonathan Silverman came into dialogue with Francesco Vezzoli.

“Jonathan Silverman (1981) explores the world of video art on the occasion of “Salto in Altro”, usually working with painting and drawing. He makes Mother Tree, a 2’35" video directly inspired by Cleopazza by Francesco Vezzoli (1971), a work from 2013. For Vezzoli, VIPs are the mirror of public obsessions. Society reflects on their faces, they are icons of desire. In the stars that Vezzoli met and in those he studied for his works, he found this trait: the shadow of desire drawn onto them by the world. In this work, which takes up a photo of Cleopatra interpreted by Liz Taylor, the eyes and mouth are covered with a collage of an iconic design piece: Bocca sofà di Gufram by Studio 65. The collector, friend of the artist, acquired this work at a charity auction in honor of Franca Sozzani. For Silverman, the slow distancing and detachment from our natural environment, as well as the need to dominate it, which has manifested itself in many ways over the centuries and perhaps millennia, has become an urgent matter culminating in the current existential crisis of climate change and in the destruction of the biodiversity of our planet. Vezzoli's work, focused on social, historical and artistic themes, follows an anthropocentric exploration that criticizes but also seems to fetishize and perpetuate the fascination of celebrity culture, often playing on our perceptions and misunderstandings of the past and present. Silverman's work asks us nagging questions about nature: what it is and how our perception of it is charged with feelings of connectedness or alienation. Its space is fertile ground in which to visually speculate on representations of nature and the greatest environmental concerns. The process underlying the work he presents is linked solely to the physical act of doing: from the studies on color, to collage and painting, which are then translated into the digital medium. […] .” - Edoardo Monti

Francesco Vezzoli, Cleopazza (Study for ‘Surrealiz’), 2013 Collage and inkjet print, 25x30 cm

Jonathan Silverman Mother Tree, 2021 Video (2’35’’) on 12,9’’ iPad

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